3 Reasons why tweeps love Khanyi Mbau’s wisdom

Khanyi Mbau has come a long way from being a self-confessed “gold-digger” and has pearls of wisdom to show for everything she’s been through. 

On The Drive With Masechaba Ndlovu and Mo Flava, Khanyi spoke about the connection between spirituality, food and dealing with enemies, leaving many shocked at the depth of her knowledge on the subject.

She gave a very interesting concept of “eating with your enemies” that left listeners shook.

“We have gotten into a space where our enemies allowed us to eat. That’s why they say let your enemies eat at your table because when they are comfortable they forget and they speak,” Khanyi said before dropping the mic.

This is not the first time Khanyi has dropped some wisdom for fans and most of her interviews show the same pattern. She’s spoken about skin lightening and skin bleaching, self-love and having a healthy relationship with money in the past. 

The top three things people raved about after her interview were:

• How understandable she made otherwise “complex” issues

• How she didn’t hold back on her personal experiences to illustrate her points

• How intentional Khanyi is about learning about things that affect her spirit

People were camping on that radio frequency like:

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