IN MEMES | Nyan Nyan exposes another ‘abusive’ man & tweeps are fed up!

Nyan Nyan struck a chord with viewers once more this week as they met a couple who instead of “fixing” things should be separated as it emerged that one party is abusive and they couldn’t take it.

As more and more shows and news show the reality of women in SA, it is getting harder for viewers to watch as they realise how deep the problems run.

This week they met a woman who explained that she had been in a relationship with an abusive man for over six years and her last straw was his alcohol and cheating. Although she didn’t give the details, tweeps could tell she was hiding more abuse.

When they met Eric, who justified his abuse with the sentence,  “I grew up in an abusive household” they were further defeated. They felt his reason is just an excuse for him and many other abusers.

He vowed to stop drinking alcohol and that he would change, but tweeps weren’t buying that.

They shared their disgust in memes.

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