Protect Your Trip with Travel Insurance from Going Places Travel

Travelling doesn’t always go to plan.
That’s why Going Places Travel offers travel insurance – so you can have the
protection you need so you’re never disappointed. Here are some frequently asked
questions they’ve answered to help you understand why it’s a huge risk to
travel without protecting your trip.

What is travel Insurance?

  • Travel insurance guarantees and
    protects you from loss from cancellations, medical emergencies, and other
    unexpected disruptions to your travel plans.
  • Travel Insurance helps you to
    recoup your loss, depending on the plan you choose.

Why do you need it?

  • Travel can be expensive, and
    the investment you might lose if your plans fall through due to health
    emergency, family or work commitments or bad weather can be costly.
  • Quite often travel plans are
    made in advance – particularly as it relates to cruises. It’s difficult to
    recoup payments when problems arise as deposits are usually already paid.
    However, even if you have to cancel for health or work related reasons, Going
    Places Travel has insurance plans for travellers which can cover up to 100% of
    non-refundable costs of the trip.

When do you need travel insurance?

Whenever you take a trip! Just contact your
preferred travel advisor when you are ready to travel and they will help you
make the right choice.

How do you get travel insurance?

Contact Going Places Travel today for a
plan tailored to your needs. There are a variety of plans from the basics right
up to Pro Plus, which provides the most coverage. To learn more about which
option is ideal for you, call a Going Places Travel advisor today.

I travel a lot for work. How will travel insurance
help me year-round?

Going Places Travel has a particular
insurance plan which is ideal for persons who take multiple trips a year. You
may find a greater benefit in this as it combines the best benefits of all
packages for frequent flyers.

I don’t travel much. How will I benefit from travel

Going Places offers various plans for
travel insurance. The basic plan includes three essential components:

  • Trip cancellation Insurance
  • Tourist health Insurance
  • Baggage Insurance

This may appeal to the infrequent

Visit their website today at to find an Advisor for more information!

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