The Weird Rise of Cyber Funerals

Thanks to recent changes to privacy legislation in Europe and South Korea aimed at protecting the living, we now have more power than ever over our personal information — even from beyond the grave. While this may have felt like a gimmick in the past, cyber funerals — where our personal data is removed from the web posthumously — are slowly becoming a viable option. From a report: Digital undertaking is the act of erasing and tidying up your public data after you die. It’s a relatively new idea, but one that’s already taking off in South Korea, according to the Korean Employment Information Service. Think of it as a ghoulish version of the European Union’s right to be forgotten legislation. For most digital undertakers, the tricky task is to contact the social media companies, search engines or even media companies who publish personal information, and request for it to be deleted when their client dies. If that doesn’t work, then companies — be they in South Korea, the USA or UK — can bury search engine results by flooding Google with new, conflicting data about the deceased. Santa Cruise, a company based in Seoul, was one of the first in South Korea to take on the task of digital undertaking. Founded in 2008, it was originally an agency for entertainment figures but now specializes in removing personal data from the internet for clients both dead and alive. The company’s scope includes digital undertaking and even “reputation management” for those who have been victims of revenge porn.

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