Namibia keen on renewable energy to deal with power deficit: minister

WINDHOEK – Namibian Minister of Mines and Energy Tom Alweendo on Thursday said his Government has will use renewable energy as a long term plan in dealing the country’s power deficit. 

Speaking to Xinhua, Alweendo said renewable energy generation provides a perfect platform for the country to deal with its short term energy needs while plans are being executed for a long term plan. 

“Cabinet approved several updated and new policy documents to meet the short and medium term energy demands as well as other related challenges in the energy sector,” said the minister. 

“Moreover the Government of Namibia has recognized the importance of renewable energy not only for grid power generation but also to contribute in bridging energy gaps,” he said. 

Despite making frantic efforts to improve generation capacity through various means, Alweendo said unavailability of funds has been a major stumbling block to Namibia achieving self-sustenance of power. 

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