Conviction changed from “An Anthem Story” to “An Anthem Trailer”

It’s been quite a weird week for Anthem as Neill Blomkamp and his production house Oats Studios released their short based on the game called Conviction.

Earlier we learned that the duo had been working on something for the title, but we didn’t know exactly what it was.

A day later it was confirmed that the project was known as “Conviction: An Anthem Story” and was already uploaded to YouTube with a premiere set for Valentine’s Day. The blurb for the video slated it as a short, live action film set a few decades before the start of the game.

After watching the premiere we were thoroughly impressed with the quality on offer here, but found it to be structured in a weird way. While Oats Studios has proved many times that they can tell a compelling story in under four minutes (Conviction is just three minutes and 45 seconds), this video was much more of a trailer than any kind of story.

The editing cut back and forth between times, there was no character interactions or introductions, and there was nothing cohesive tying everything together except for the fact that it is based on Anthem.

Well either because of all the comments agreeing with us, or some other internal reason, the name of the project has been changed and is now called “Conviction – An Anthem Trailer”. For prosperity, you can hop onto the Wayback Machine to see captures of the old title.

While this is ultimately inconsequential, the prevailing hope here is that Conviction is just the start of these kinds of videos from this new partnership. As it was hosted on the Oats Studios YouTube channel, we suggest subscribing. You can also watch their past uploads while you wait for more Anthem.

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