Studying in Canada and pregnant

Studying in Canada and pregnant

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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Dear Mr Brown,

I am currently studying in Canada. However, I recently found out that I am pregnant. I would like to know what benefits I would receive regarding the process of having the child in Canada.

– FA


Dear FA:

Please ensure that you adhere to Canadian immigration laws should you be granted a study permit and decide to pursue your studies in Canada.

Of course, your child would be a Canadian citizen, if he or she is born in Canada. I am not sure which other benefit that you are specifically referring to beyond what is available based on your status as a student. I receive a number of inquiries about the Universal Child Care Benefit Programme (UCCB). I am not sure of the status of the father in your situation. However, I can give you a brief general description of the UCCB.



The UCCB was designed to assist Canadian families, as they try to balance work and family life, by supporting their child care choices through direct financial support. The UCCB provides a monthly benefit to help all Canadian families with young children choose the child care option that best suits their needs, whether they work in the paid labour force or stay at home with their children.

The UCCB programme assists families cover the cost of child care through:

• A monthly payment of $160 for each child under the age of six.

• A monthly payment of $60 for each child aged 6 through 17.



To receive the UCCB, a parent or guardian in Canada must meet the following conditions:

1. The child must be under the age of 18.

2. The parent or guardian must live with the child.

3. The parent or guardian must be the person primarily responsible for the child’s care and upbringing, which is

presumably the female parent who lives with the child, unless under the circumstance, the presumption can be


4. The parent or guardian must be a resident of Canada, which is able to establish sufficient residential ties in Canada.

5. The parent or guardian must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, protected person, or temporary resident, who has lived in Canada throughout the previous 18 months, and who has a valid permit in the 19th month (other than one that states “does not confer status”).

Please visit JAMAICA2CANADA.COM for additional information on Canadian Permanent Residence programmes, including Express Entry, The Study & Work programme, Visas or Appeals, etc.

– Antonn Brown, BA, (Hons), LLB, MSc, RCIC, is an immigration counsel and an accredited Canadian education agent of JAMAICA2CANADA.COM —a Canadian immigration & education firm in Kingston. Send questions/comments to

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