Maties dismantle UCT in Varsity Cup clash

Cape Town – In what can only be described has a hammering in one of the biggest clashes of the Varsity Cup calendar, Maties travelled to the Green Mile to dismantle the UCT team 66-5.

The first quarter of the game was staged with gruelling physicality from both sides, but it was at the 19 minute mark that Johann van Niekerk scored the first try that opened the floodgates for Maties that would see them cross the Ikeys try line 10 times in total.

The Maties were able to maintain the possession throughout the game and translated moments of nothing into magic. Not to take away any of the glory or brilliant performance displayed by Maties, but the Ikeys never quite made use of the crunch-time opportunities – often conceding soft turnovers.

At one stage, FNB UCT did show signs of a fight back when eighth man Nyasha Tarusenga put the Ikeys on the board, placing the scores at 19-5 in favour of the visitors. But it would be their missed chances that the Ikeys may be most disappointed in.

The reigning champions showed their class in their away win over UCT and displayed to the crowds why they currently hold the number one spot in the competition.

Despite the score, the Ikeys should not go into the changing room with their heads down, as they will undoubtedly take a lot from the defeat. They will have time to lick their wounds with their next match against UJ a fortnight.

The Ikeys may breathe a sigh of relief, knowing they have a bye next week, as it will be back to the drawing board for players and coaches alike. 

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