No sympathy for woman who hits man

No sympathy for woman who hits man

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with Tanesha Mundle

Sunday, February 10, 2019

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Parish Judge Maxine Ellis last week warned women who hit men not to expect any sympathy from her when the men retaliate.

“Why women think it’s ok to put their hands on man?

“Don’t bother think I am going to be sympathetic because you are a woman, some of you are beaters and abusers and if you know you can’t take big lick, why put your hands on a man,” she said.

“Some of you women are troublemakers and also love to use your mouth and create problems, but if you talking and fattening up yuh gum just talk and fat up yuh gum,” Judge Ellis added.

The judge made her remarks last Tuesday in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court while hearing a domestic dispute case in which a woman had attacked her lover from behind and cut him on his neck with a tweezer while he was walking away.

The woman, Terry-Ann Barnes, who was scolded by the judge for her action, appeared on a charge of unlawful wounding in a cross case with her child’s father Ewan Francis who was charged with malicious destruction of property.

Barnes, when asked why she had injured Francis said, “We were fighting.”

“What you mean you were fighting, you cut a man on the back of his neck?” the judge asked.

“We were having an argument about our child and a fight ensued between us,” she said.

The judge then asked her if she had never watched a boxing match before and see how persons fight before asking her specifically how the fight started.

Barnes, however, kept on repeating that they were fighting, which prompted the judge to ask who threw the first blow.

It was then that Barnes admitted that she “went up in his face and pushed him”.

But Francis told the court that it did not happen quite like that.

He said he went to look for their two-year-old daughter and Barnes started an argument so he left and while he was on his way out, he felt a cut to the back of his neck.

“I was so upset, so instead of hitting her, I just took up a stone and threw it into her home,” he explained.

The stone damaged Barnes’ window and a fan.

“You can’t do that sir, you should have kept calm,” the judge told Francis, while commending him for choosing not to hit Barnes.

The judge then enquired from Barnes if Francis was taking care of his child and she indicated that he was.

“So what you making fuss with the man for?” she asked, but Barnes did not reply.

During further queries, Barnes disclosed that he was now living with another woman.

Judge Ellis, thinking that that was the root of the problem, then turned to Barnes and said: “He has moved on — don’t create any problems.”

Barnes, who was by this time near tears said, “We were in a relationship for six years and he just left.”

“But it is his right,” the judge told her.

“You gotta let him go. If he wants to come back, he will but if you pressure him, you know what will happen … baby number two,” Judge Ellis said eliciting laughter from the court.

“If you believe that you are a princess and is worthy, just chill because what you are doing now will just drive him away,” she further advised Barnes.

The couple had indicated that they did not wish to pursue the matter any further and that Francis had also paid for the damaged window and fan.

As a result, the judge admonished and discharged the charge against him while Barnes was placed on a one -year probation sentence.

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