Man accused of attacking woman after her non-response when asked if she loved him

Man accused of attacking woman after her non-response when asked if she loved him

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with Tanesha Mundle

Sunday, February 10, 2019

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A man who attacked his child’s mother and cut her in the face with a pair of scissors after she ignored him when he asked her whether or not she loved him, narrowly missed being remanded for psychiatric evaluation in the St Andrew Parish Court last week.

Acting Parish Judge Chester Crooks after hearing the allegations told Domencia Campbell that he was going to revoke his bail and have him examined by a psychiatrist, but later extended his bail and warned him to stay away from the complainant.

But prior to extending his bail, the judge said that he found it unbelievable that the accused was now before the court for injuring his companion who had supported him unwaveringly when he was before the court recently and who had influenced his decision to give the accused a chance.

“You baby mother came to court and sat here religiously with you and it was because of her why I gave you a chance and that is how you repay her,” Judge Crooks said.

On Wednesday when the case was mentioned, the court heard that on the day of the incident, the complainant was outside her house washing when Campbell said to her, “Yuh nuh love me,” and she did not answer.

It was further reported that Campbell then told the complainant: “Mi wi stab yuh up seven times enuh,” and she smiled.

Campbell, who was armed with the scissors then approached the complainant and stabbed her in the face and on her hand.

However, Campbell’s lawyer, Charles Williams, told the judge that his client was defending himself as the complainant had bitten him on his breast.

“Show the judge the bite,” the lawyer urged his client much to the amusement of those inside the courthouse.

According to the lawyer, “it was a jealousy situation with a third party involved.”

However, he told the court that since the incident his client had moved out of the house leaving the complainant but still pays the rent. Hence, Campbell was strongly warned not to contact or ‘trouble the complainant.’

The accused who is charged with unlawful wounding is to return to court on March 8.



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