‘I have a strong feeling is my baby’

‘I have a strong feeling is my baby’

Man optimistic that baby taken from woman at RGD is his child snatched from hospital on Jan 8

Observer staff reporter

Thursday, February 07, 2019

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THE father of the newborn who was snatched from the Victoria Jubilee Hospital last month says he believes the child who was taken from a woman at the Registrar General Department (RGD) in Twickenham Park, St Catherine, on Tuesday is his.

“I am optimistic… I have a strong feeling is my baby, so me just a hope and pray for the best,” Sinclair Hutton told the Jamaica Observer yesterday following a DNA test.

Hutton and his common-law wife Suzzett Whyte will have to wait a couple more days to ascertain whether or not the almost one-month-old baby taken from a woman at the RGD is their second son.

The anxious father said his optimism grew when he and Whyte were Tuesday evening requested to do a DNA test by the Kingston Western Police Division.

“Me feel so good that me would a go down there and take me baby and say this is my baby, but I have to follow the process,” the father explained.

Even though Hutton did not get to see the baby yesterday, he said the fact that the child is a one-month-old boy was enough confirmation for him.

The request to have the DNA done came after the police arrested a woman who attempted to register a child at the RGD on Tuesday. The woman and the baby were taken into custody after she was unable to provide officials at the RGD with the relevant information required for registration.

The baby was snatched from the Victoria Jubilee Hospital on January 8.

The 41-year-old mother told the Observer last month that approximately 5:00 am she was awakened after having a heavy flow of lochia. By this time, she said the lights on the ward had been turned on while most of the exhausted mothers slept. Not wanting to wake the mother who was immediately beside her, she said she trusted a woman clad in a denim skirt and a multi-coloured topwho was standing and looking through the window and who offered to watch her baby while she went to the restroom. Whyte said she thought the woman was one of the mothers when she told her that she would have someone clean the area that was messed up.

“I left the soap and when mi come back [for it] I saw her standing up there, but me still nah look say something like that ago happen,” Whyte said then, adding that when she returned from her shower only the baby’s hat was left on the bed.

Hoping that the baby had been crying and that the nurse or a mother had taken him to try to comfort him, she said she started making checks, but the baby could not be found.

She said she alerted a nurse, who referred her to another nurse, after which the police were summoned.

Like Hutton, Whyte told the Observer Tuesday night that she thinks the child taken from the woman at the RGD is her second son.

“I am just keeping my fingers crossed. I really feel like it’s him. I will sleep a little bit better tonight,” she said.

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