Wits students promising chaos if their demands are not met

Earlier this week, students at four universities in KwaZulu-Natal embarked on a protest, threatening chaos unless their demands of free education and safer student accommodation were not met by their respective institutions.

Now students at the University of Witwatersrand (Wits) have taken similar action by disrupting classes, and vowing to continue unless their demands for accommodation and registration for students with historic debts are not met by the institution.

“We are going to render this institution ungovernable. I am told seven campuses had shut down already, we understand that there is elitism that is attached to Wits University, once we make this place ungovernable the entire country is going to collapse,” said SRC president, Sisanda Aluta, to Times Live.

The institution confirmed that about 100 students had embarked on a protest at the main campus. Even though the university respected their right to protest, it says it is unacceptable for the academic programme to be disrupted.

“Representatives of the senior executive team are working with students representative council to resolve the outstanding matters related to accommodation and registration, particularly around the deployment of the Wits hardship fund,” said Wits spokesperson, Shirona Patel.

“The vice chancellor is committed to meeting up with the SRC to resolving the issues and drafting a joint statement on the way forward,” concluded Dean of student affairs, Jerome September.

[Source – Times Live]
[Image – Wits University]

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