Tempe is being sued by the family of the woman killed by an Uber AV last year

You might recall a story from last year in which a woman was struck down and killed by an autonomous vehicle operated by Uber.

That matter between the family of the deceased Elaine Herzberg and Uber was resolved back in March 2018, so why then are we talking about this again?

Well, it appears as if the family of the victim of the accident has now filed a claim against the US city of Tempe. The claim was filed by a law firm on behalf of Christine Wood and Rolf Ziemann, the daughter and husband of Herzberg respectively.

The claim alleges that the city created a dangerous situation at the site of the accident by paving a median where people aren’t meant to cross the road. While the paving does suggest that folks could walk there, reports shortly after the accident last year reveal signs telling pedestrians to use a nearby crosswalk.

The claimants are seeking $5 million each or a total of $10 million.

Attorneys speaking to USA Today say that the claim is unlikely to succeed.

“Generally, the city is not obligated to warn people of open and obvious dangers,” attorney at Rose Law Group, Logan Elia, told the publication. “The obligation is in the other direction. People are obligated not to cross the street outside of crosswalks.”

Other legal experts suggest that Tempe might resolve the matter with the family out of court though it’s unlikely the family will receive the amount they are requesting.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]

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