Microsoft launches Desktop App Assure – makes moving to Windows 10 easy

Microsoft has made its Desktop App Assure solution globally available, allowing users to easily migrate to Windows 10.

Desktop App Assure is available in 10 languages, and aims to encourage businesses to migrate from older versions of Windows that are unsupported by ensuring their applications are compatible with Windows 10.

“For those customers who have reached out to our team for assistance, only 0.1% of their applications have experienced compatibility issues,” Microsoft said.

“That said, Microsoft is grounded in the promise of ‘no app left behind’, which means we are fully committed to ensuring your business-critical apps work on Windows 10 and with Office 365 ProPlus.”

Microsoft will drop extended support for Windows 7 in January 2020, meaning that users have less than a year to upgrade their systems before they become vulnerable to attacks due to a lack of security updates.

Windows users have historically been resistant to upgrading their operating system, however, with more users still on Windows XP than Windows 8.

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