South African burnt alive in Ford Kuga – Big court battle begins

The court battle over the death of Ford Kuga owner Reshall Jimmy begins today in the Cape Town High Court, Times Live reports.

Jimmy burnt to death while trapped in his Ford Kuga in December 2015, during a period where numerous Ford Kuga vehicles began to catch fire in South Africa.

Ford issued a recall for the affected vehicles, which were prone to spontaneously catching alight.

Following Jimmy’s death, Ford offered the family a free car, the possibility of a donation to a charity of their choice, and to carry the cost of the destroyed Kuga.

The company has not admitted liability in the case of Jimmy’s death, and is reportedly gearing up to fight the claims made by the family.

Speaking to Times Live, Jimmy’s sister Renisha Jimmy called the cars “ticking time-bombs”.

“It’s clear there are problems with these cars, which Ford will do anything not to take responsibility for,” she said.

The Jimmy family’s prosecution will be assisted by advocate Gerrie Nel.

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