Our network will be ready by ICASA’s deadline – MTN

The deadline for networks to comply with ICASA’s End-User and Subscriber Service Charter Regulations is drawing near, and some operators have yet to implement the required changes.

The regulations require mobile networks to offer customers the option to roll over unused data and transfer data to other subscribers on the same network.

Operators must also ensure that customers receive comprehensive data usage notifications to prevent them from going out-of-bundle.

The regulations further state that data must be consumed in the order it is purchased, meaning that operators may no longer deplete newer data bundles before previous bundles have finished.

Cell C and Telkom have both implemented the required regulations, including the ability to transfer data and control out-of-bundle spend.

MTN and Vodacom have taken steps towards implementing the required changes by the deadline of 28 February 2019, with MTN recently implementing its first stage of changes.

To find out where they are currently, MyBroadband spoke to MTN about its plans to implement the full regulations.

Meeting the deadline

In December 2018, MTN announced that it was implementing new data depletion notifications to begin aligning its network with the ICASA requirements.

“As part our journey to keep our customers informed, and to comply with the new ICASA data regulations, effective from 14 December 2018, customers have started receiving notifications when they have depleted or used 50%, 80%, and 100% of their monthly data bundle or inclusive data,” MTN said.

“This allows customers to keep track of their usage and spend, and to recharge when they need to – and it is applicable to both prepaid and post-paid customers.”

While this change marked the first step towards compliance, the company now has a month to implement the rest of the requirements.

MTN told MyBroadband that it is currently implementing all required features to comply, however.

“It is important to note that the implementation is not a once-off process,” MTN said.

“The implementation is being done in phases, the first phase was the implementation of 50%, 80%, and 100% notification in December.”

“We will be implementing various phases throughout February – this will help us comply with new regulations by the stipulated date,” MTN said.

Features which still need to be implemented by MTN include data roll-over and data bundle transfers.

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