This Day in History — February 1

This Day in History — February 1

Friday, February 01, 2019

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Today is the 32nd day of 2019. There are 333 days left in the year.


1960: Four black college students begin a sit-in protest at a Woolworth’s lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA, where they’d been refused service.



1587: England’s Queen Elizabeth I signs warrant for execution of Mary Queen of Scots.

1790: The US Supreme Court convenes for the first time in New York. (However, since only three of the six justices were present, the court recessed until the next day.)

1881: First signs of nationalist movement appear in Egypt as military officers stage uprising.

1896: Crete, inspired by Greece, begins revolution against Turkey.

1899: US flag is raised over Pacific island of Guam, formerly under Spanish control.

1908: Portugal’s King Carlos I and Crown Prince are murdered in Lisbon; Manuel II becomes king.

1917: Germany decides to let its submarines attack merchant ships from neutral nations going to Britain, a move that triggers the United States’ entry into World War I.

1922: In one of Hollywood’s most enduring mysteries, movie director William Desmond Taylor is shot to death in his Los Angeles home; the killing has never been solved.

1924: Britain recognises the communist government of Soviet Union.

1935: Anglo-German conference is held in London to discuss Germany’s rearmament; Italy sends troops to East Africa.

1946: Trygve Lie, Norwegian Socialist, is elected United Nations secretary general; Hungarian Republic is proclaimed.

1959: Swiss referendum rejects female suffrage in federal elections.

1968: Central pacific nation of Nauru becomes independent.

1972: British Embassy in Dublin is bombed as anti-British demonstrations sweep Ireland.

1990: Romanian National Salvation Front agrees to a power-sharing arrangement until national elections can be held.

1991: South African President F W de Klerk announces that he will scrap all remaining laws that uphold apartheid.

1992: US President George Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin sign Camp David declaration stating Russia and United States do not regard each other as potential adversaries, formally ending the Cold War.

1993: Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin announces he will accept the return of 100 deported Palestinians.

1996: President Jacques Chirac announces that France has finished its nuclear testing “once and for all”.

1998: Miguel Angel Rodriguez wins the presidency in Costa Rica.

2001: US President George W Bush unveils a plan to spend $1 billion over five years on the New Freedom Initiative programmes to help disabled Americans buy homes and stay in the workforce.

2003: The US space shuttle Columbia breaks apart as it re-enters Earth’s atmosphere at the end of a 16-day scientific mission, killing its seven crew members and scattering debris across Texas and Louisiana states.

2004: US President George W Bush, under mounting political pressure, plans to sign an executive order to establish a full-blown investigation of US intelligence failures that led to the invasion of Iraq.

2005: Rebels attack a Colombian military post in southwest Colombia with home-made rockets, killing nine soldiers and wounding 20.

2008: Two female suicide bombers with a history of psychiatric treatment kill almost 100 people at two pet markets in central Baghdad. Iraqi and US officials have said the women may have been unwitting bombers strapped with remote-control explosives.

2010: A female suicide bomber detonates her explosives inside a way station for Shiite pilgrims in Iraq, killing 54 people and rattling security officials who are struggling against a possible rise in violence before key elections next month.

2013: Hillary Rodham Clinton formally resigns as America’s 67th secretary of state, capping a four-year tenure. Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch dies at age 88.



Clark Gable, US actor (1901-1960); Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, Russian president (1931-2007); Don Everly, US singer w/pop group Everly Brothers (1937- ), Sherman Hemsley, US actor (1938-2012), Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis’s daughter (1968- ); Michael C Hall, US actor (1971- ); Pauly Shore, actor-comedian (1968- )


— AP

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