The VW Polo and Golf are the top selling secondhand cars in South Africa – OLX

Local online secondhand marketplace OLX has released several statistics about secondhand car sales in South Africa that took place in 2018.

According to a press release we have received the platform had 4.14 million ads placed on it last year with cars making up just over a quarter of that.

The first big piece of news here is that around VW and its Polo and Golf models, which top the charts as the most secondhand cars sold nationally.

The next bit of important info is about Ford as their Ranger and Fiesta models, which were the fastest selling cars nationally, nabbing first and second place in this category respectively.

“It was so amazing to watch, the moment a Ford Ranger was posted, it would be gone in few hours and marked as SOLD,” Says Nicole Depene-Sander, Marketing Manager of OLX.

The top 10 fastest selling cars in South Africa were as follows:

  1. Ford Ranger
  2. Ford Fiesta
  3. Nissan 1400
  4. Toyota Hilux
  5. Mercedes Benz C-Class
  6. BMD 3-Series
  7. Fiat Uno
  8. Volkswagen Polo
  9. Toyota Tazz
  10.  Opel Corsa

In addition to this OLX has also revealed which cars were the fastest selling in Each province. In Gauteng, for example, the Audi A4 was the fastest selling with the most replies and listings, but the Fiat Uno was the fastest selling with less listings.

You can view the full release in Google Docs here where the breakdowns for each province are available in full. You can also see this summarised as a pair of infographics at the bottom of this story.

Looking over all of these results it’s important to note that they’re quite limited. They are restricted to transactions that happened on OLX, so private and dealer sales are not included, and neither are those which take place on other similar sites such as Junk Mail and Gumtree.

The press release we received also didn’t mention specific numbers such as total cars sold in each category or the exact mathematical definition of the term “fastest selling cars”.

Still, it’s interesting to see what a certain selection of South Africans are buying when it comes to cars.

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