Optimus Prime voice actor Peter Cullen narrates the intro to Crystal Crisis

If you need to add some gravitas to the opening of your game you cannot go wrong with Optimus Prime himself. The upcoming versus puzzle game Crystal Crisis has got actor Peter Cullen to lend his voice to the opening of the title.

The video showing this off (embedded below) is rather short at under a minute in length, but it does convey some of the story beats you will experience in the game.

The opening cinematic that carries on from this short intro has been shown off in the past.

Unfortunately this new bit of promotion comes with some bad news in the video description, which now lists the game’s release date as 28th May 2019.

This means that the title has been delayed from its previous date of 23rd April. Hell, the Amazon listing in that very same description still has the April release date.

Come 28th May those on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch will be able to play this game, which has a bunch of characters from other games. Isaac from The Binding of Isaac is probably the most recognisable, with that title being a past game from Nicalis, which is also publishing Crystal Crisis. The other big name character is Atom from Astro Boy.

If you want to see more of the game make sure you check out a previous trailer which has gameplay that should look familiar to anyone that has ever played the Capcom Puzzle Fighter titles.

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