Attackers Can Track Kids’ Locations Via Connected Watches

secwatcher shares a report from Threatpost: A gamut of kids’ GPS-tracking watches are exposing sensitive data involving 35,000 children — including their location, in real time. Researchers from Pen Test Partners specifically took a look at the Gator portfolio of watches from TechSixtyFour. The Gator line had been in the spotlight in 2017 for having a raft of vulnerabilities, called out by the Norwegian Consumers Council in its WatchOut research. “A year on, we decided to have a look at the Gator watch again to see how their security had improved,” said Vangelis Stykas, in a Tuesday posting. “Guess what: a train wreck. Anyone could access the entire database, including real-time child location, name, parents’ details etc. Not just Gator watches either — the same back end covered multiple brands and tens of thousands of watches.” “At issue was an easy-to-exploit, severe privilege-escalation vulnerability: The system failed to validate that the user had the appropriate permission to take admin control,” reports Threatpost. “An attacker with access to the watch’s credentials simply needed to change the user level parameter in the backend to an admin designation, which would provide access to all account information and all watch information.”

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