Road Safety Unit gets portable breathalysers

Road Safety Unit gets portable breathalysers

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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THE operational capability of the Road Safety Unit has been further boosted with the addition of five portable breathalysers, valued at US$2,500.

The devices were donated to the unit by Carib Cement Company Limited as part of its corporate social responsibility programme.

A portable breathalyser is a wireless, hand-held device that monitors a user’s breath for alcohol content.

Speaking at the handover ceremony at the Ministry of Transport and Mining yesterday, Minister Robert Montague said the devices are welcomed and would support and enhance the operations at the unit.

Montague said while the Road Safety Unit has been doing a commendable job in promoting road safety and awareness, citizens need to take greater responsibility when using the nation’s roads.

He said with 25 road deaths since the start of the year, “we have to, as a country and a people, begin to decelerate the rate of road fatalities”.

Last year, the country recorded 386 road fatalities.

Montague commended Carib Cement for the devices as well as their initiative to establish their own safe driving school within the company this year.

“We want to encourage other fleet owners so to do, because every life we save on the road is worth every investment that we would have made,” he said.

In his remarks, General manager at Carib Cement, Peter Donkersloot said he hopes the partnership will assist in saving lives on the nation’s roads.

“We want to help and do our part to keep the roads safe, because at Carib Cement we believe it shouldn’t be the Government’s responsibility alone, as private companies and individual citizens have to (play) their part to make the road safe,” he added.

He said the company was looking to donate nine more devices to the unit. Donkersloot said the company has been investing in training their truck drivers, emphasising that safety and awareness are top priorities for the organisation.

“Since 2018 we have been using the breathalyser to enter the plant, and our employees feel safe and proud that they know that the person next to them is not under the influence. That makes everybody feel safer and the same thing may be applied to the road, knowing that you are driving safe and the person that’s driving next to you is not under the influence,” he said.

Education information officer, Road Safety Unit, Cameal Stewart said the donation will be of great benefit to the unit, particularly during outreach initiatives.

The Road Safety Unit falls under the Ministry of Transport and Mining.

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