Christina Aguilera to seek Vegas advice from Britney Spears

Christina Aguilera performs at the New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square in New York. Picture: AP

Christina Aguilera will be getting tips for her Las Vegas show from her fellow pop stars including Lady Gaga and former rival Britney Spears.

The ‘Beautiful’ hitmaker has just been given her own residency and has vowed to put her former rivalry with Britney behind her to find out what it’s really like to perform in Sin City.

She said: “We’re in Vegas, it’s inevitable. There’s so much history where I’m going and I just feel like calling up all those girls – Lady Gaga is the newest one there. I wanna get the real scoop from all of them and be like, ‘What’s it really like?’ Let’s bring all of our forces together and make this happen.”

And the 38-year-old singer has promised to bring her kids – Max and Summer – onstage with her at some point during her residency but says it will probably be very “spontaneous”.

She added: “I’m sure there will be moments where they will not let me live it down if I don’t bring them on stage, but they aren’t planned entertainers on the show. We’re a very spontaneous family.”

And Christina is already “accumulating ideas” for her show.

She told E! News: “I’m excited [and I’m] constantly accumulating ideas. Vegas is a place you want to escape, and forget about your job and everything you feel like you have to be for somebody else, the night that [fans] come to see the show, I really want to take them away from any of their problems.”

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