Cashier promises full restitution

Cashier promises full restitution

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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A cashier accused of using a skimming device to capture customers’ bank card information at an auto shop where she was employed, resulting in a loss of $1.1 million, is scheduled to return to the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on March 15 to continue making restitution after repaying $300,000 on Monday.

Chatal Wallace of Moore Street in Kingston, who is charged with unauthorised access to computer data, through her lawyer Kaysian Kennedy, promised to pay $400,000 on the next court date after making a first payment in court before Parish Judge Vaughn Smith.

According to allegations, Wallace, who was employed at the shop as a cashier between October 26 and December 8, reportedly used a fake electronic data-capturing device to collect unsuspecting customers’ identity and banking information from their bank cards.

The captured data was then allegedly given to third parties who maliciously used the information to access the cardholders’ accounts.

It was also reported that Wallace was caught on camera using the skimming device, copies of which were previously handed over to her lawyer and her prosecutor.

Wallace’s bail was extended on Monday.

— Tanesha Mundle

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