An unlikely crossover: Hot Ones and The LEGO Movie 2

In today’s unlikely pairing the internet show famous for making celebrities eat spicy chicken wings – Hot Ones – has been resembled in bricks for a cross promotion with The LEGO Movie 2.

If you’ve never watched Hot Ones before it’s talk show hosted on the First We Feast YouTube channel. Instead of simply bringing in interesting guests like Eric AndreWeird Al Yankovic and Jeff Goldblum to talk, they have to eat increasingly hot sauce together with host Sean Evans.

This time around, however, the show features its first fictional guest in Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi who will be in the upcoming LEGO Movie.

As you may expect, the interview is made in the same style as the movie instead of Evans talking to an inanimate pile of plastic. It’s much shorter than the other interviews because of this, clocking in at just under two minutes.

While we love Hot Ones and we love LEGO in all forms, we must admit that this is a strange choice for a partnership. We can’t help but feel that the myriad of LEGO-focused channels on YouTube would have been a better fit to promote the film.

Regardless, it’s still a fun little watch that we’ve embedded below. The best YouTube channel movie tie in is still Logan and the Hydraulic Press Channel.

If you want to see a regular Hot Ones episode, we recommend the most recent one where Gordon Ramsey finally made an appearance.

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