Some Kgn residents taking precautions against dengue

Some Kgn residents taking precautions against dengue

Observer staff reporter

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

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Residents in some Corporate Area communities say they are taking all the necessary precautions to prevent the breeding of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that are responsible for spreading the dengue virus which has already claimed six lives.

Last Wednesday, when the Jamaica Observer visited New Haven, a community plagued by flooding, some residents explained that prior to the dengue outbreak they were not taking any precautionary measures.

“When mi wash, mi use to just throw the water and sometimes it settle, but now mi ensure say mi dispose of the water properly,” said Camille Hinds, who was seated in front of a zinc fence on Columbus Drive.

“I have five juveniles in there and mi wouldn’t want none of them get it. Mi spray out my house every other night and mi buy the black mosquito destroyer [mosquito coil] and light it,” she added.

Callaloo Mews resident Dawn Francis explained that she makes an effort to avoid having containers in her yard that can retain water.

“I only have one drum and it covered,” she said.

Another resident, who was sitting among a group of women under a tree in the vicinity of the basic school, chimed in.

“Any time them fog the place the mosquito them come down more. A black destroyer mi haffi work with, all when it a mash up my sinus,” the woman said.

Another resident, who gave her name as Pat, said: “We always have water running through our community; black oil we have to throw in it.”

The South St Andrew community, which is located off Spanish Town Road, is rife with mosquito breeding sites.

In 2014, the then minister of health Dr Fenton Ferguson assured residents that immediate vector control measures would be taken to tackle the mosquito nuisance following numerous complaints by the residents.

Earlier this month, Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton confirmed the dengue outbreak at an emergency press conference at his New Kingston office.

Last Wednesday, Dr Tufton told the Observer that up to January 21, a total of 310 suspected cases had been reported for the month.

In North St Andrew, Cassava Piece resident Glifford Hartly, who was engaged in a conversation with Mildred Hardy behind his gate, said he has been following the health ministry’s advisories.

“I don’t intend to get it [dengue fever]; it’s not a lovely thing. I took up all the bottles and pans from around my yard. I throw engine oil in the water,” Hartly said.

Hardy, while noting that the smoke from the mosquito coil affects her, said she contracted the virus as a child.

In Bull Bay, Taylor Land resident Annmarie Aldred said: “Nothing nuh settle in my yard. Mi not even light destroyer, mi do weh mi see advertise on TV.”

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