Terabyte-using broadband customers surge in the US

The number of broadband users in the United States who use more than 1TB each month doubled in 2018, according to research by OpenVault.

Data usage increased at a rapid rate in 2018, with the average monthly data usage for all US households increasing by 33.3% to 268.7GB.

Median data usage increased by 40% in the year, and the percentage of users who consumed more than 1TB or more on a monthly basis almost doubled in 2018.

According to the research, 4.12% of all data customers in the United States are now using more than 1TB of data a month.

These users risk paying additional usage fees, as many US broadband providers impose 1TB data caps on their connections to prevent performing necessary network upgrades, OpenVault said.

“As connected devices, streaming services and broadband speeds increase, service providers need an alternative to infrastructure upgrades that would enable them to keep up with demand,” said OpenVault.

“Our analysis makes it clear that usage-based billing is among the most effective tools the industry has in managing consumption and reducing the need for massive capital expenditures.”

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