Two returning from wake yesterday die in Trelawny crash

Two returning from wake yesterday die in Trelawny crash

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

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FALMOUTH, Trelawny — Two men who were among a group travelling in a motor car on their way from a wake, died as a result of injuries they sustained in an accident during the wee hours of yesterday morning.

The accident pushed the road death count recorded in the parish to five since Thursday afternoon.

The five victims since Thursday have been identified as 43-year-old Jeffery Cunningham and 35-year-old tiler Greg Gallimore, both of Refuge district; 52-year-old cabinetmaker, Constantine James, also called “Connie”, of Goodwill, St James; and 31-year-old businessman, Mervin Douglas, alias “Dougie”, of Florence Hall in Trelawny, and 24-year-old Cheswaine Brown of Wiltshire, also in Trelawny.

According to the police, about 3:00 am yesterday a Toyota Corolla motor car, driven by Gallimore, was travelling from the direction of Duncans, towards Montego Bay when, upon reaching the Florence Hall intersection, it collided with a motor car driven by a policeman. The cop’s car was poised to make a right turn.

The impact of the collision made the vehicle driven by Gallimore airborne. When it landed, the engine was dislodged and flew across the other side of the road.

Gallimore and Cunningam were reportedly thrown from the vehicle and sustained multiple injuries.

Three other passengers and the lawman in the other vehicle all sustained injuries and were taken to the Falmouth Public General Hospital, where they were admitted. Gallimore and Cunningham were pronounced dead at the institution.

The double road fatality comes in the heels of another accident on Thursday where two persons, James and Douglas, died after sustaining multiple injuries.

The Falmouth police reported that about 3:30 Thursday afternoon, James lost control of his Toyota Corolla motor car while travelling along the Spring Hill main road. it ran off the road and slammed into the rear of a truck parked on the soft shoulder in the vicinity of the Coral Spring housing scheme.

James, and Douglas who was a passenger, were trapped in the vehicle and had to be cut from the wreckage by firefighters.

They sustained serious injuries and were taken to the Falmouth Public General Hospital, where they were both pronounced dead.

The carnage on the roads in the parish continued Friday afternoon after Brown, who was driving his motor cycle along the Foreshore Road in Falmouth, was seriously injured following a collision with a motor car.

The police say about 2:40 pm on Friday, Brown was driving his motorcycle along the roadway when he was involved in an accident with a motor car.

The motorcyclist was rushed to the nearby hospital but died about four hours after being admitted.

The Falmouth police are probing the three fatal accidents.

Following Thursday’s accident, head of the Trelawny Police Division, Deputy Superintendent Winston Milton appealed to motorists to use their seat belts and drive within the designated speed limit.

The police officers said from observations during Thursday’s crash, James and Douglas, the two occupants of the vehicle, were not wearing seat belts.

“The steering wheel was extensively damaged by the driver’s chest, which would have caused damage to organs in his chest cavity — and that could have been avoided had he been wearing his seat belt. The cockpit of the vehicle on the inside is still in a pristine condition, other than for the steering wheel. But he went forward and made contact with the steering wheel,” Milton said.

The roof of the motor vehicle on the passenger’s side caved in, he said.

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