Sunday Brew — January 27, 2019

Sunday Brew — January 27, 2019


Sunday, January 27, 2019

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Those lethal hooligans —taxi and minibus drivers — continue to make life a living hell for our commuters, with few signs that the police will be able to do anything about them anytime soon.

Just drive on some of the busy thoroughfares in the Corporate Area and St Catherine to start with: Molynes Road, Red Hills Road, Spanish Town Road, Mandela Highway, Constant Spring Road, downtown Kingston, Washington Boulevard, Half-Way-Tree Road, Old Hope Road, Spanish Town and many others and you will see why it’s best for ‘normal’ Jamaicans to stay off the streets.

Travel further to Montego Bay, Savanna-la-Mar, Santa Cruz, Port Maria, etc, and you might even conclude that there is no hope for this country.

They ‘bad drive’ you at will and turn around and trace you like you are a stray dog who did not even get the crumbs from Dr Wheatley’s precious diamond cake; they overtake lines of traffic, come at you in the opposite direction and expect you to pull over so that they, the kings of the road, can get safe passage; they stop suddenly in front of you to pick up or let off passengers. It doesn’t matter if they are about to negotiate a corner, or in the middle of the road.

What can we as a nation do to stop these lethal hooligans? Well, until we start throwing them into jail cells, and later, prison cells, nothing will improve. We know that there are several public passenger drivers out there who have racked up hundreds of tickets and are still on the loose, daily putting lives in danger.

Our policymakers must enact legislation that will decisively discipline these lethal hooligans. And what in blazes are the police and the Transport Authority doing? It’s not being reflected on the roads.

Come on people. The time has come. Let us rid our streets of these lethal hooligans.

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