Power supply problems leaves several areas without water

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THE National Water Commission (NWC) that some customers in St Mary and Clarendon that disruptions in their water supplies was caused by power supply problems which are affecting operation at a few facilities.

Affected areas include:

Agualta Vale, Castleton, Lucky Hill and Gayle, served by the Spring Pumping Station in St Mary. Highgate, Richmond, Clonmel, Lewis Store, Sports Road, Belfield, Tremolsworth, Harmony Hall, Stockholm Park, Esher, Robins Bay, Zion Hill, Islington, White Hall, Martin, Albany, Lebanon Housing Scheme,

Heywood Hall, Pinnacle, Lindon Housing Scheme, Friendship, Golden Valley, Castleton, Richards Pen, Gayle, Coombs Town, Hyatt Hill, Governor’s Pen, Labyrinth, Lucky Hill, Elgin Town, Halifax, Rose Street, Retirement, Aricadia Housing Scheme, sections of Saltrum, Barclay Town and Jeffrey Town, all in St Mary.

In Clarendon, the Low Ground Wells # 1, 2 and 3 and the Peace River Pumping Station were out of service, affecting Wood Hall, Ennis, Suttons, Teak Pen, Turners, Four Paths Post Road, Chapelton, New Longsville, New Roads, Sangsters Heights, New Danks, Shingle Hut, Mount Providence, Sine, Married Lane, Alexandria, Peace River, Gloucester, Victoria, Lodge, Thompson Town, Cove, Wesleyan Gully, Blackwood and Elgin.

Customers were assured by the NWC that regular supplies would be restored as soon as normality returns to the facilities.


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