The Girl from St. Agnes has its hooks in us and we want more

Next week Showmax releases its first original series – The Girl from St. Agnes and we were lucky enough to get an early screening of the first two episodes.

The series tells the tale of Alexis “Lexi” Summerveld, a student at St. Agnes School for Girls in the Midlands, South Africa.

On the night of the St. Agnes annual Valentine’s Day dance with the local boy’s school – St. Ambrose – the body of Lexi is discovered on the roof.

The death of the student is written off as an accident by the school’s management but drama teacher Kate suspects foul play and starts to dig a bit deeper into the student’s death.

The show does a wonderful job of introducing you to the characters and their individual quirks. There are also a number of hints given as to who might be responsible for Lexi’s death but we’d argue these are red-herrings, or maybe they aren’t. We don’t know just yet and that’s great.

More than that however the show does a great job of showcasing the relationship between the students and the adults at the school they attend. The students lying to save themselves from punishment that follows rule breaking struck a chord with me and it makes for an interesting plot device that doesn’t feel forced.

There is also a strong focus on technology in the series with the students from St. Agnes constantly being glued to their phones in pursuit of likes on “the gram”. We suspect (or rather hope) that this will become more important to the story as the series progresses.

After watching two episodes, The Girl from St. Agnes is definitely an intriguing series. The production quality is superb and the story being told is interesting.

So should you watch it? Answering that question really depends on whether or not you enjoy whodunnits such as Midsomer Murders and Broadchurch. If you enjoyed those shows, or shows like it you’ll likely find The Girl from St. Agnes an enjoyable watch.

The debut season of The Girl from St. Agnes consisting of eight episodes lands on Showmax in full on 31st January.

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