Esmina reunited with sons

Esmina reunited with sons

Observer story results in happy family meeting

Observer staff reporter

Friday, January 25, 2019

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Septuagenarian Esmina Millwood, who lost touch with her family over 30 years ago when she left her home in St Mary for Bog Walk in St Catherine, recently reunited with three of her six sons.

The reunion followed the Jamaica Observer‘s January 12 article headlined ‘Do You Know Esmina’, in which a call was made for Millwood’s relatives to come forward, as the elderly woman who is not in the best of health was now living on her own.

Millwood, who will celebrate her 72nd birthday tomorrow, had been living with her companion, Burchell Brown, who had taken her under his wing when she wandered into the community over three decades ago. But Brown died recently, leaving her on her own.

The two had been living in deplorable conditions in a zinc shack along a road in the town before they were assisted with a one-bedroom house in Pineapple district.

However, following Brown’s passing Eusa Samuels, president of HELP (Help Each Life Progress) Outreach Foundation Limited, a local charity group which had been assisting the two senior citizens, brought Millwood’s situation to the attention of the media.

Consequently, within hours after the article was published, Millwood was visited by three of her sons.

The Observer was unable to source a number for any of the sons but a resident of the community, Anita Sinclair, who has also been assisting with Millwood’s care and with whom her sons had spoken, told the Observer that they were very excited to find their mother.

“They were very happy to see her because they say they were trying to find her long time,” she said.

Sinclair said that the sons pledged to assist their mother from here on and to visit her regularly.

“They don’t want her to leave her house or go to any home, they want to stay right where she is and they are not going to take her back to the community where she is from because is years ago she leave and she is not going to get familiar with the place,” Sinclair added.

Meanwhile, Samuels said the group was happy to help reunite mother and children. She also disclosed that residents in the community have volunteered to help take care of Millwood.

In the meantime, founder and chief executive officer of Priority Investigation Services, Denis St Bernard, has reached out to the charity group and will be offering his company’s services to help find missing senior citizens or relatives of elderly Jamaicans who are in similar situations like Millwood in Bog Walk and neighbouring communities.

St Bernard also indicated that he will be donating a piece of land in Bog Walk to the organisation to build a facility for the elderly and a base for the charity group

“We were touched by story and we want to help the cause,” St Bernard said. “What they are doing is important, not only for her but for others in community like herself. Their work is invaluable because we believe the elderly is a massive asset for the country. These are people who have a number of things to contribute, especially to young people.”

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