South African 27-inch PC monitor battle

When you are looking for an affordable 27-inch full-HD PC monitor in South Africa, there is one brand which currently dominates the market – Dell.

If you search for a “27-inch PC monitor” to buy in Google, for example, most of the shopping results are for Dell monitors.

These shopping results in Google come from many different stores, including Takealot, Incredible Connection, HiFi Corp, and PC Express.

The screenshot below shows the results from Google in a recent search for a 27-inch PC monitor to buy in South Africa.

Dell monitors – particularly their 27-inch full-HD model – is also often on special at big retailers like Makro, and PC-focused outlets such as Evetech and Wootware.

This makes it an attractive monitor for those who want to upgrade their display while sticking to a budget.

Dell has also implemented AMD FreeSync support on certain “entry-level” 27-inch monitors, opening them up to the PC gaming market, too.

A change in the guard

Dell’s dominance in the affordable – around R3,000 – South African 27-inch PC monitor market is new.

For around a decade, Samsung dominated this product line with a range of affordable PC monitors – and was the go-to solution for many companies and individuals.

All the major retailers, including Makro, Game, Dion Wired, Incredible Connection, HiFi Corp, and others stocked Samsung monitors, but this has changed and it is difficult to find a standard 27-inch full-HD monitor at major retailers.

This raises the question: Why did Samsung relinquish its dominant position in the market to Dell?

Samsung explains its strategy

Samsung would not comment on why Dell has taken over from it as the dominant 27-inch full-HD monitor brand in South Africa.

However, Samsung said it continues to actively promote its 27-inch IPS monitors, among other variants. The company added that its focus for 2019 and beyond is on higher-resolution products.

“In line with Samsung’s ongoing technological evolution, there is a firm shift from full-HD to QHD and UHD,” said Samsung.

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