Cops probing death threats

Cops probing death threats

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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MANDEVILLE, Manchester — The Manchester police are probing death threats made against civilians following the detention of the reputed leader of the Greyground gang, Rohan “Boomhead” Smiley.

“My staff at the CIB informed me this morning (Monday) that two phone-calls came in from a male caller making threatening remarks that if the Greyground gang leader is not released, then they will be killing one person a day in Mandeville,” Superintendent Wayne Cameron told the Jamaica Observer.

“We are doing our investigation to find out who made the calls,” said the police superintendent, who has urged residents to remain vigilant. “We are advising residents and persons doing business in the town centres to be aware and cautious of suspicious activities observed, and notify the police immediately.”

Smiley is being questioned in relation to at least five murders in the parish between November and December of last year..

“If you ask the question of whether Boomhead will be released, the answer is no because we are not done with him. We want to question him in connection with a number of murders that took place near the end of last year. One murder in November and four in December,” he added.

Among the murders in December is the Christmas Eve killing of 22-year-old vendor Richard Howard. Two men were charged in relation to the murder. However, the police theorise that it was a contract killing.

“We want to question Boomhead in regard to that murder because our intelligence is suggesting that Boomhead may have contracted those men to commit that murder,” Cameron stated.

“We believe that Smiley is being supported by persons out in the community, financially and otherwise. We will be raising it [investigation] to that level to look at who those persons are offering him support and we will be targeting them,” said Cameron.

Smiley was taken into police custody last Friday morning during an operation in Greyground.

– Kasey Williams

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