Bermuda court issues new dress guidelines

Bermuda court issues new dress guidelines

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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HAMILTON, Bermuda (CMC) — A senior magistrate has issued new guidelines for persons appearing before him after complaining about a drop in standards.

Senior Magistrate Juan Wolffe said persons appearing before him will have to be properly attired.

Out go clothes that are dirty or have holes and “offensive or inappropriate designs”. He has also banned clothes that reveal too much of the chest, stomach, midriff or thighs. Flip flops are also on the banned list.

Sunglasses can now only be worn in court if they are needed for medical reasons or have prescription lenses.

Wolffe said that tattoos should be concealed if possible and offensive ones must not be on show and “overly conspicuous” jewellery should be avoided.

He also warned that headgear, including hats, scarves, hairnets or nightcaps, hair rollers and do-rags, will not be permitted, unless there are valid medical or religious reasons.

Also on the banned list are sweat pants, leggings, yoga pants, pyjama bottoms, miniskirts, sleeveless shirts and shirts that reveal bare shoulders.

“This dress code for members of the public is being implemented as a result of a decline in the appearance of some members of the public who come before the magistrates’ court.

“If members of the public fail or refuse to comply with this dress code then they may not be heard by the court and/or they may be required to exit the court — their matter may not be adjudicated upon by the court until such time that they comply with this dress code,” the senior magistrate warned.

He said it would be up to magistrates to decide if people were not dressed properly and that they would be more lenient if people appeared from custody and had not been able to change their clothes before they came before a magistrate.

Meanwhile, a magistrate has been arrested after he was reportedly involved in a traffic accident.

The Royal Gazette newspaper said Khamisi Tokunbo and another man, both aged 64, were taken into custody after an accident last Saturday night.

Magisterial appointments are made by the governor, who is responsible for their conduct. Government House declined to comment on the media report.

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