Can okra lead to infertility in men?

Can okra lead to infertility in men?

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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Yesterday, the Jamaica Observer’s All Woman Magazine carried a story titled ‘Strong Back, weak sperm’ in which director of the Hugh Wynter Fertility Management Unit at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Dr Vernon DaCosta, revealed that although the okra plant is highly nutritious, its seeds contain a chemical called gossypol, which reduces male fertility when consumed in sufficient quantities.

Given that the okra is believed by many Jamaicans to improve male virility, Observer writer Candiece Knight took to the streets of Cross Roads and downtown Kingston to find out how Jamaicans, especially men, were reacting to the news.

We asked the question: What are your views on recent research claiming that eating okra seeds can cause men to have a low sperm count?

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