Man allegedly tells teen anything he wants, he gets

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A man accused of threatening a teenager who is a witness against him in a matter and telling her anything he wants he gets and that he is more dangerous behind bars, was remanded last week.

The accused, Junior Johnson, is facing the charge of a threat to Crown witness.

The court heard that on November 13 of last year about 1:00 pm, the 17-year-old complainant was walking with a friend when he reportedly saw her and, after walking briskly to reach her, started chasing her.

The complainant reportedly had to run into a nearby establishment to seek refuge.

She later reported the matter and Johnson was arrested and charged.

The court also heard that prior to that incident Johnson saw the complainant on the road and sent over a note to her, but she tore it up and threw it away.

Parish Judge Vaughn Smith was also informed that the complainant was afraid of Johnson because he said that whatever he wants he gets, that he has the police ‘locked’, and that he is more dangerous behind bars.

The judge was further told that whenever Johnson sees the complainant he is always signalling to her.

Consequently, the judge, after hearing the allegation, told Johnson’s lawyer, Denise Brown, that he was not minded to entertain a bail application and instead will give the Crown time to complete its case.

Johnson is to return to court on February 4.



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