Alleged thief tries to fake mental condition

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There was laughter in the court after a man who is in custody for simple larceny told the judge that he is having a mind problem and wanted to see a psychiatrist.

The accused, Kemar Powell, is accused of stealing a Movado watch and a Sony Xperia cellular phone.

On Tuesday, immediately after his case was mentioned, he uttered: “Your Honour, you can send me to a psychiatrist or a counsellor; I am having a mind problem,” sparking laughter in the court.

But Parish Judge Maxine Ellis was not amused.

“If it is that you are taking this approach you are going to stay here longer,” she said.

She then asked him for the name of the doctor who had been treating him before he was arrested but he told her he was never treated by a doctor.

Judge Ellis then enquired further from Green if he had been employed.

Green, in reply, told her that prior to his arrest he was in the process of preparing his resume to send out in search of job opportunities.

“But you are doing what ordinary people do. Why do you think that I believe you mental?” she asked.

“When did you dream it up? You were not mental when you were taken to the police,” she added.

The judge then told Powell that in order for her to grant his request, his mental instability must be apparent.

Green, who then maintained that he did not steal the items and that they were his, was then remanded.

He is to return to court on February 6.

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