Netflix now boasts 139 million subscribers worldwide

Netflix has released its earnings results for the final quarter of 2018 and the firm ended the year on a high note.

The service added memberships at a great pace in 2018 culminating in a 29 million increase throughout the year. The total paid-subscriber count currently sits at 139 million. Netflix forecasts that in Q1 of 2019 another 10 million subscribers will join the fray but that isn’t a guarantee.

As for earnings, annual revenue grew 35 percent in 2018 to $16 billion and operating profits climbing to $1.6 billion.

As for content, Netflix says it is doing well in the realm of film.

“We are beginning to have our original movie offering mirror the success of our series offering for consumer enjoyment,” Netflix wrote.

The firm also revealed that it will be creating more interactive projects such as Black Mirror: Bandersnatch in the future and if you ask us this is what will really help Netflix set itself apart from the plethora of streaming services available.

It’s also worth noting that the number of folks signing up for a free trial steadily increased over 2018. In Q1 2018, there were 4.48 million free trials active which was down from 5 million in Q4 2017. By Q4 2018 that number had grown to 7.13 million.

The last year was a good one for Netflix then and looking at the forecasts for the next quarter that appears to be set to continue.

Of course anything could happen between now and the next earnings call. We could, for example, be besieged by invisible monsters that force us all to cancel our Netflix subscriptions. What a tragedy that would be.

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