Cardi B Responds To Fans Who Call Her Clueless For Blasting Trump Over Government Shutdown

Cardi B says she is not clueless about politics.

After sharing a blistering video blasting President Trump over the government shutdown, Cardi B is now clapping back at some fans who are saying that she shouldn’t talk about politics because she is clueless. The expletives-laced video has since gone viral with mainstream news networks like CNN and MSNBC covering it as some senators debate whether or not they should share it on their social media accounts.

Cardi B is now weighing in letting her critics know that she can use her platform to discuss issues like this because it’s a very serious issue. “Soo many people under my comments talking about I shouldn’t talk politics, I don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m dumb!” she wrote. “Well I know a little something something. I know 800,000 federal government workers won’t be getting paid till the shutdown is over and government assistants program are shutdown as well as in NO WELFARE, NO WIC, SECTION 8.”

She admitted that talking politics is boring compared to giving her fans some new music or post some racy videos, but she has to talk about it sometimes especially in times like these when almost 1 million federal workers are not getting paid because of a government shut down.

“I know it’s a little boring to watch the news but it won’t kill ya to visit some IG pages of people that talk about what’s going on in our community,” she said.

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