ITWeb Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2019 announces four tracks

Data helps businesses make better decisions.

Data helps businesses make better decisions.

Business leaders around the globe are waking up to the mammoth impact big data has on the course of their business, as it relates to making informed business decisions.

These include predicting customer expectations and behaviour; knowing what products to launch, and when; tailoring customer service experiences to suit the individual; and keeping the business apprised of what its competitors are up to.

However, there is one major caveat. If the data isn’t complete, consistent and accurate, neither are the insights gleaned from it, which can lead to catastrophic business decisions and poor data governance.

With this in mind, ITWeb Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2019, to be held from 12 to 14 March at The Forum, in Bryanston, is introducing four tracks to ensure all bases are covered.

On day one, track number one: ‘Data preparation, management, governance & quality’ will take a strategic look at how to become a data-driven organisation, starting with the business’s overall data strategy, then focusing on how to prepare and manage its data, and finally, how to implement data governance processes.

Track two: ‘BI/analytics and the cloud, dashboards and visualisation’ will unpack all the hype around the latest tools and solutions, and give businesses insight and practical advice on how to get BI and analytics projects off the ground and generating tangible results. It will delve into this in detail, as well as how to implement BI in the cloud and data visualisation.

On day two, the first track: ‘Data architecture and modelling’ is aimed at the more technical delegates, and will scrutinise the issues around modernising the data architecture, creating a business-centric data model and developing a comprehensive data quality and integrity management framework.

Also on day two, the second track: ‘Data science’, will revolve around this ‘new kid on the block’. It will delve into what exactly data science is, what its benefits are, as well as how to successfully implement a data science capability in an organisation.

Angela Mace, CRM and Events director at ITWeb, says the summit will provide a platform for BI and data specialists and practitioners from across all industries to come together again to share knowledge and hear about the latest technologies, solutions and trends.

“This 2019 event will focus on the practical application of BI and analytics into the organisation and will feature expert thought leadership, local and international case studies, real success stories and lessons learned, interactive panel discussions and, finally, a day of practical workshops on 14 March,” she concludes.

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