LISTEN: Amber Rose once tried ‘selling crack’

Amber Rose once attempted “selling crack” in her neighbourhood growing up but feared her pretty looks would affect it.

The 35-year-old reality star admitted that she attempted “selling crack” in her neighbourhood” growing up but her fears of being robbed due to her good looks meant she had to take a back seat and instead just bagged up the drugs for them.

Speaking to Van Lathan on The Red Pill Podcast, she said: “I usually don’t tell people this but I tried selling crack in my neighbourhood. They said I was gonna get robbed. I was a girl and I was too pretty, and it wasn’t going to happen. I had to do to feed my family. So what I did, I would bag it up for them, I would weigh it and bag up the crack rocks for them. And they would throw me some money.” 

The ‘Amber Rose Show’ host confessed she was dubious about sharing this story for the first time and went on to explain that although she began her stripping career “very young”, it was completely her own decision. 

She said: “When it comes to me, do I have to give you this story to understand? It’s been nine years since I been famous, I never told that to anybody.

“It was a hard time in the beginning, and I became a stripper very young. I made that decision, nobody in my family put that on me. I don’t really think people understand how ‘hood I grew up … the s**t that I had to overcome, and even overcome after I became famous. My life has never been easy … [But] it did push me to that limit to go fend for my family.”

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