Brave launches new ad system that pays you to visit websites

Privacy-focused browser Brave will pay users to view “privacy-respecting” ads, the company announced.

Brave is known for blocking all ads on its browser, but it will now allow users who are using their developer version to opt-in to seeing certain ads.

These users will earn 70% of the revenue share from the ads, although the ability to earn will only be released in a few weeks.

The system, called Brave Ads, will be rolled out in Brave’s upcoming version 1.0 desktop update.

It will be available on macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android to all Brave users should they opt in.

To start, the income users make from viewing these ads can only be used to donate to the user’s most visited sites, or to their favourite content creators.

However, in the future, Brave plans to allow the funds to be used for premium content and services, or to be withdrawn for personal use.

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