After ‘Bird Box’ Challenge, YouTube to Crack Down on ‘Harmful and Dangerous’ Pranks

YouTube has announced that it will be cracking down on viral challenge and prank videos that show “harmful or dangerous content” and warned content creators they have two months to clean up their channels.

The video platform, which is owned by Google, said it plans to continue to host viral trends like the water bottle flip challenge but will remove videos that violate its new rule.

The move to regulate prank and challenge videos was not in response to any particular trend and the policy has been in development for several months, according to a YouTube spokesperson.

The new rule does, however, come after the internet’s collective interest in Netflix original movie “Bird Box,” which inspired the Bird Box challenge, which had people blindfolding themselves while doing tasks as is shown in the science fiction-horror film.

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After a two-month grace period, content creators will be reprimanded if they upload a video of a challenge or prank on their channel that the platform deems dangerous or that could be perceived as harmful.

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