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MANAGING director of JAMALCO, Austin Mooney, says construction of the bauxite/alumina company’s US$189-million gas-fired cogeneration power plant by New Fortress Energy (NFE) is on track for completion by February 2020.

Speaking during a tour of JAMALCO’s mines and refinery operations in Halse Hall, Clarendon, last Thursday, Mooney disclosed that construction of the offshore gas pipeline has been completed, while work on the inland segment is under way.

“They [NFE] have started to ship the gas pipe from the United States, and we expect that to be here very soon. NFE has already received some of the large stacks, which are here [at the NFE site].The steam generators and the combustion turbines are expected in Kingston in about eight to 10 days, then they will be transported to the refinery. The contractors will start mobilising towards the end of January or February,” he said.

JAMALCO’s Director of Operations Richard Russell said the new power plant will serve two purposes.

“It is going to supply 90 to 100 megawatts of power into the [national energy] grid, which is low-cost power. It will [also] provide JAMALCO with 120,000 pounds of steam, which is about 40 per cent of our demand [that] will help us to become a more efficient refinery,” he said.

New Fortress Energy LLC is a global leader in energy infrastructure development and financing, as well as delivering fast-tracked solutions that provide reliable power and benefit to the environment.

The company, headquartered in New York, USA, is transforming Jamaica’s energy sector as, in addition to its engagements at JAMALCO, NFE is converting the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) plant in Bogue, St James, from a diesel fuel to Liquefied Natural Gas-powered facility.

The company is also spearheading development of the JPS’s 190-megawatt power plant in Old Harbour Bay, St Catherine.

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