Netflix Sued By ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Publishers Over Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Polygon: Netflix’s first interactive movie, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch makes no bones about its Choose Your Own Adventure inspiration, and that’s reportedly caught the eye of the series’ original publisher. Chooseco, a publishing company specializing in children’s books, is suing Netflix for infringing on the company’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” trademark. According to the official complaint, Netflix has been in negotiations with Chooseco over a license for the series since 2016, but Chooseco says Netflix never actually gained permission to use it. After the release of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch late last month, Chooseco has filed a complaint against Netflix for $25 million in damages, as the company says that Netflix’s new movie benefits from association with the Choose Your Own Adventure series, without the company ever receiving the trademark. Chooseco says it sent a cease-and-desist request to Netflix at least once over the Choose Your Own Adventure trademark in the past. Netflix has declined to comment on the complaint.

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