Trump walks out of shutdown talks with a ‘bye-bye’

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President Trump left a meeting with lawmakers after Democrats said they would not fund his wall

President Donald Trump has walked out of a meeting with Democratic leaders as negotiations broke down on the 19th day of a US government shutdown.

The Republican president ended talks after Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer stuck by their refusal to fund his planned US-Mexico border wall.

Mr Trump called his meeting with the pair “a total waste of time”.

Hundreds of thousands of federal employees who are working without pay will miss their pay cheque this week.

Mr Trump has threatened to declare a national emergency over the “crisis” at the border, bypassing congressional approval to build the wall.

The standoff has resulted in a partial government shutdown since 22 December.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Mrs Pelosi said the mood in the White House was “cold”.

Mr Schumer said the president abruptly left when Mrs Pelosi said she would not approve of any wall funding.

He said: “He asked Speaker Pelosi, ‘Will you agree to my wall?’ She said no.

“And he just got up and said, ‘Then we have nothing to discuss,’ and he just walked out.

“Again, we saw a temper tantrum because he couldn’t get his way.”

But top Republicans accused Democrats of intransigence.

Vice-President Mike Pence told reporters he was “disappointed” that Democrats were “unwilling to engage in good faith negotiations”.

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