Rejoicing after alleged robber shot

Rejoicing after alleged robber shot

Observer staff reporter

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

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Scores of people who descended on the scene of an alleged robbery at the gully at Tangerine Place on Half-Way-Tree Road, St Andrew, yesterday rejoiced that the accused had been shot.

The Jamaica Observer was told that the man, who is said to be among a group of homeless homosexuals who have been robbing commuters mainly of their cellular phones and wreaking havoc, had been shot by a licensed firearm holder during a robbery.

According to a man who claimed to be an eyewitness, the robber, who was bleeding, escaped in the gully.

Bystanders who indicate frustration by the fact that the area had become a haven for thieves said they are tired of the robberies.

“A right deh so mi work; every day mi see dem rob people, all mi family dem rob. A new year, mi a do something with the police dem; we a help the police tdem,” a man told the Observer.

Clutching a machete, he — along with his friend — was seen using a crowbar in an attempt to lift a manhole cover in the vicinity of the Jamaica Public Service property and the traffic light at the corner of Half-Way-Tree and Balmoral Avenue in order that the police could gain access to that section of the gully.

The effort, though, proved futile.

Approximately half-hour later firefighters arrived.

By this time, there was a traffic pile-up on the usually busy thoroughfare.

Minutes later the firefighters removed the manhole cover, and the man who made the earlier attempt to lift it took a flashlight from one of the firefighters and entered the gully. Another man went in shortly after.

Before long they emerged from the manhole.

One of the men said he saw a blood trail. However, the injured man had not been found.

The St Andrew Central police said they were summoned by civilians who heard explosions.

The police, who were unable to give details as to what had happened, said the incident took place minutes after 1:00 pm.

The majority of the onlookers showed no sympathy for the alleged robber, and made callous remarks as they related that their friends and family members had been robbed at the same location.

Up to news time the police were unable to locate the injured man.

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