Jennifer Lopez still ‘a girl from the Bronx’

Jennifer Lopez. Picture: AP

Despite her success and wealth, Jennifer Lopez still feels she’s “just a girl from the Bronx”.

The 49-year-old singer-and-actress may have an estimated net worth of $380 million but she still feels attached to her humble beginnings and will never let go of her roots.

She said: “It’s like if you’re from Italy. Just because you don’t live in Italy any more, you’re still Italian.

“It’s the same thing for me, being from the Bronx. Even though I’ve travelled the world and I live in Los Angeles now, I’m still just a girl from the Bronx.”

The ‘Shades of Blue’ star – who has twins Emme and Max, 10, with ex-husband Marc Anthony – may have years of success behind her but it’s only in recent times she’s developed her confidence and feels secure in her talent.

She told Britain’s Grazia magazine: “I feel like I have only just got comfortable and am finally confident in who I am and what I do.

“I really wish I would have found this confidence in my early thirties, but it took me a long time to get there.

“I’m still a work in progress, by the way. But I do now feel that this is not a mistake, it’s not a fluke – this is what I do and I’m good at it.”

Jennifer has been dating retired baseball ace Alex Rodriguez, 43, for almost two years and though they are smitten with one another, she doesn’t think their relationship would have worked out if they had met at another time in their lives.

She said: “He has said it was too crazy and I didn’t know him back then, so I am going to take his word for it.

“And I needed to bounce around a little bit and figure myself out.

“I wasn’t ready for the healthiest things because I needed to figure out how to be healthy first – have self worth, value, deal with my insecurities.”

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