New D-Link home router gives 2Gbps Wi-Fi speeds

D-Link has unveiled a new home Wi-Fi router which will give users Internet connection speeds of over 2Gbps.

The DWR-2010 5G Enhanced Gateway is intended for use with 5G networks, and will reportedly be available before the end of 2019 to home users.

“It delivers speeds up to 40-time faster than the [average] fixed broadband speed in the US. The incredible speeds of 5G allow the DWR-2010 to take advantage of its Wi-Fi capability, fully utilising the bandwidth capability of its wireless network,” said D-Link.

This means users can expect download speeds of between 2Gbps to 3Gbps when the router is running optimally.


The company provided the following specifications for the device:

  • Embedded 5GNR NSA module.
  • Qualcomm SDX55 chipset.
  • Sub-6GHz or mmWave frequency compatible.
  • 5 Ethernet ports (2.5Gbps LAN, 1Gbps LAN, 1Gbps WAN/LAN).
  • AC2600 dual-band Wi-Fi with MU-MIMO (800Mbps + 1732 Mbps).
  • 4 external antennas for LTE/5G NR.

The device will also feature a simple set-up process, and will only require users to insert a compatible SIM card and plug the device into a plug point – much like existing LTE routers available on the market.

Additional features include support for D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh, which means users will be able to create a single access point which covers their entire home. VoLTE is also supported by the router.

No pricing information or official launch date was shared by D-Link.

5G speeds

In South Africa, 5G networks are the next big thing for mobile networks, with the likes of Vodacom, MTN, and Rain testing their systems to see what performance is attainable.

In its 5G test towards the end of 2018, Rain launched its 5G network in Cape Town and reached download speeds of over 700Mbps.

Rain used 5G New Radio network technology from Nokia and Huawei, which it will be deploying on top of its existing 4G network, for the demonstration.

Rain said it will then roll out its 5G network on higher-frequency radio spectrum in the 3.6GHz band – one of its existing spectrum assignments from ICASA.

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